Woo, hide!!

We love you, hide!!

Wooo, hide!!
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In loving memory of the Pink Spider himself: December 13th, 1964-May 2nd, 1998

Gone but NEVER forgotten!!

hide fans!! Welcome to my very own hide community!! What can you do here?:

share your thoughts on him
post pictures (remember to put them behind the cut)
share your thoughts on X/X-Japan
share your thoughts on his band members from every other band he helped
anything else you can think of!!

It's a free-for-all for the most part, however, there are some rules to follow:

no bashing of any kind towards anyone and hide himself
respect one and all, hide himself or else people will attack you with their hide plushies (I know mine will when he arrives in the mail)
only promote communities related to hide (himself, hide with Spread Beaver, X-Japan, ect.)
if you post anything that's adult oriented, remember to keep it friends only and to put up a warning, saying that "this post isn't safe for work" or something like that

Not many rules to follow. If you plan on posting up sales (anything related to hide in some way), please only post it once a day. Thank you!! ^_^

(both of those images were made by crazyravyn)

This is the plushie I ordered. He is our guardian. Break any of the rules and you will feel his wrath!!: